Show & Breeder kittens 

aktualizacja:  16.11.2020

We do have currently some promising and interesting show & breeder kittens in various colors. Both boys and girls. 

Here we present some of our already photographed and currently available kittens. 

Of course best way is to contact with us, by phone or FB, to get most accurate and newest informations about currently available cats. 

So please feel free to ask us about everything! 


  • class : show/breeder
  • sex : female
  • age : 4 months
  • color : seal bicolour
  • born: 30.06.2020

father: USAPurrs FRODO

mother: Koc-Pol Cat VI


  • class : show/breeder
  • sex : male
  • age : 5 months
  • color : seal bicolour
  • born: 15.05.2020

father: USAPurrs FRODO

mother: Koc-Pol Cat HOLIE


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