In our ragdoll cattery we focus primarily on cat’s character, temper and what is even more essential its health. It is also crucial for us to confirm their exterior value during cat shows. Our cats came from the world's most renowned ragdoll catteries and possess immaculate pedigree. ane.

From the beginning our cats have participated in numerous cat shows and have won many titles. We mainly exhibited under the patronage of fife, but also other felinological federations. Frankly, it would be difficult to count the number of won exhibitions, titles, and the best cats of the exhibition - Best In Show.



Most spectacular success of our cattery, was winning biggest in history cat show, which took place in Moscow - Royal Canin Cup. In this event, over 2000 cats participated from all biggest felinology federations.


Results of our 3 cats in 2 federations: 

PL*Koc-Pol Cat Simba


WCF: PL*Koc-Pol Cat Simba –BEST OF BEST KITTEN, Best in Show. (BOB, BIS) 

FiFe: PL*Koc-Pol Cat Simba – both days Best In Show (2xBIS) 

PL*Koc-Pol Cat Afrodyta:

WCF: both days BEST OF THE BEST (2xBOB) 

Fife: both days Best In Show Nominace to GRAND-PRIX ROYAL CANIN 


3.21 min - We are appearing :) 


•    •    •

On most of shows, our cats presented Patryk Koc who is also excellent polish handler of cats, as well in Europe like in USA. Preparing cats before show, traveling all over the world and spending full days on shows is our normal week routine.Moreover shows, we participate in many seminars about Ragdoll race.


Mateusz with PL*Koc-Pol Cat Afrodyta and judge Albert Kurkowski

Patryk handling PL*Koc-Pol Cat Afrodyta



World Cat Show - Poznan

Even that this in last time we are not so often on shows as we used to be, our cats are presented and are winning on shows all over the world and in many federations!We are really happy when new owners of our cats are taking care of show carrier of our kids!

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