I waited all summer for Mentos to start growing his beautiful fur with the arrival of cooler days, and now I finally have it! In a few days, I will take new pictures of him in his ever more beautiful coat :)


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photo: 03.08.2023

Meet Mentos, a young, one-year-old tomcat with a strong and compact build, boasting a brilliant muscular structure and a very sturdy frame. Currently, he weighs 8 kg, representing his summery, youthful weight 😻 Unfortunately, he's sporting his summer coat now - we'll have to wait for winter and hormonal stabilization for his gorgeous fur to fully develop, as those hormones are definitely running wild in him right now.

Our kittens receive:

  • FIFe pedigree
  • passport
  • are microchipped,
  • dewormed,
  • twice vaccinated + rabbis
  • have a health certificate with a current clinical examination and a package of tests (morphology, biochemistry, kidney ultrasound, felv / fiv test)
  • marked blood group
  • genetically tested lines: HCM result (n / n)
  • genetically tested lines: PKD result (n / n)
  • PG free
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