A beautiful boy with a very sweet temperament :)

Perfect color :)

The boy has already been sold.
He still lives with us waiting for transport to Australia

Na filmie poniżej Kinemen 

w dniu 19.08.2022, gdy ma dokładnie 3 miesiące i 20 dni 

zapowiada się na bardzo dużego kocurka :)

Our kittens receive:

  • FIFe pedigree
  • passport
  • are microchipped,
  • dewormed,
  • twice vaccinated + rabbis
  • have a health certificate with a current clinical examination and a package of tests (morphology, biochemistry, kidney ultrasound, felv / fiv test)
  • marked blood group
  • genetically tested lines: HCM result (n / n)
  • genetically tested lines: PKD result (n / n)
  • PG free
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