I would like to tell you a little bit about my life. About the cats that I breed. About my children who support and assist me. And finally about my passions which I nurture and develop every day. I will lift the veil of secrecy and invite you to my wonderland ‘The House on Equator’

The Ragdoll cats are magical creatures. Thanks to their unconditional love and endless tenderness, they have an inexplicable ability to transform our household into a place where we can easily forget about the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Their loud purr makes our anxiety and stress go away and we can easily relax after a day full of challenges. Simply we can let it all go and get rid of our worries. Ragdolls are characterized by infinite patience - they are not afraid of persistent cuddling, which our children tend to practice a lot!! Purringly enough, they emerge victorious from every snuggling battle - holding their tail high. 

But sometimes...

They adore playing around however, not for too long. Exhausted holding their tail high come back to us to find a perfect place to cuddle and to fall asleep. Ragdolls are fearless. They are not afraid of dogs no matter how big they are. They easily make friends with other household pets including hedgehogs and birds.

My garden is their playground. They can make use of an enormous green area where they enjoy their freedom. Catching butterflies amongst sweet-scented flowers is on the bucket list of every adventurer. Cats rarely go away alone, but they gladly follow our lead in the hope of new discoveries. 

The garden is a remarkable place. It consists of a huge lawn where our greyhounds arrange spectacular races. We have also a long-standing orchard with cherries and apples where our cats love to play. Every spring the lavender field attracts plenty of bees. More than a hundred roses complement our garden perfectly, giving it a unique fairy-tale-like character.

We call our family nest ‘The House on Equator’. The given name came from the name of the street where our house is located. Interestingly enough, this nickname has already gone beyond the circle of our friends. ‘The House on Equator’ equals a place full of animals. Not only cats, but also dogs and parrots. It is also associated with large youth events, through which a lot of people have passed. Each guest had the pleasure of entering their name in the special chronicle. As the house is surrounded by a wall of greenery, and is located far away from the main communication routes, we can enjoy unbelievable peace and tranquility. Here time slows down, which allows you to delight in the scent of flowers spreading over the garden.

It is impossible not to notice that photography is one of our passions. Each member of our family fits well behind the camera lens and has its own unique style. We love taking pictures of our animals in their natural home conditions. With irreplaceable help from our pets, we try to depict their charming lazy attitude to life and the conditions in which they live.

We are the only Polish cattery who does not have a reservation option. Above all, we value direct contact with our customers – it is necessary to come to us, get to know our cats and make decision on the spot. A photo is nothing more than an ‘ad’. It is taken to give you a glimpse on what we are doing here. If you are intrested we would like to invite you to our family house, You will enjoy hot tea and homemade cake accompanied by the purring of our kittens. During such a visit we will give you all details about each cat individually and present its attitude, temper and likings.

We host families both from Poland and the most remote corners of the world. We meet with every family individually – we plan a few such meetings throughout the weekend. Some will visit us only in order to buy a kitten. Others will come to get to know us and have a chat. We will answer dozens of questions and drink a huge amount of coffee ☺ Without any doubts, the cats will be on cloud nine. Our kittens always appreciate extra hands ready for stroking and cuddling.

Our greyhounds will undoubtedly hunt after our guests – they are the most affectionate and the cuddliest creatures alive! And do not forget about Gapa - the old golden retriever, who also knows how to draw attention to herself. The parrots will try very hard to speak out and the canaries will put a spell on you with their enchanted whistling.

Our house is full of animals - you need to be prepared for it. We also have plenty of flowers.

We would like to invite your whole family with the youngest and the oldest members. Age does not matter ☺ However, please inform us in advance with whom you want to pay us a visit. We need to be prepared accordingly.

I strongly recommend making a list of key questions that you want to ask us. It is very useful and makes our conversation much easier and more beneficial. I could talk endlessly about cats but due to time constraints we need to focus on specifics.

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